Praise for Yankee Roundabout, 2014

Each day brought not only beautiful and varied scenery, but also a sense of appreciation of the history through which we were rolling.  The evening sessions lead by local historians, park rangers and similar folks allowed us to see and absorb things we never would have picked up on otherwise.

Bob R., Atlanta GA ​

What a wonderful ride. The route is pleasant with many interesting sites. There is so much valuable history there. I really enjoyed listening to the evening speakers and learned so much. The lead and support group was well organized and made everyone feel comfortable and confident. I highly recommend the Yankee Roundabout to anyone interested in New England – and everyone should be interested in the place where this country was founded.

Peter, Akron OH


This was one of the best biking trips I ever took.   The staff members were great, and services provided by the organization were excellent.    I loved the route – lots of variety and interesting stopovers.   In particular, I enjoyed and appreciated the guest presenters at each of the stops, where the group was given some details and information about the location, its history, and important insights into the area from people who were very well informed.  I also liked the idea of having a “destination,” in this case, Provincetown.  While the trip appears as a “loop,” we all knew that our goal was to get to the end of the Cape.  The mileage each day was perfect, and the variety of trails and roads made the trip extremely enjoyable.   Couldn’t have asked for much more!

Tom S., Lancaster OH

Praise for Matt Moritz, tour leader

From Adventure Cycling Great Lakes Inn-to-Inn 2014

Matt was GREAT! He had the ability to improvise a dinner when there was no restaurant open: not many men could do that, all with just a microwave & a “minimart”. He was also very thoughtful about planning lunches that everyone liked.


The night that there were no open restaurants in town and Matt our leader had to prepare dinner for the group in the hotel lobby’s microwave. He did an awesome job with canned chicken!

From Adventure Cycling Cape Cod Pilgrimage II 2013

Nicole & Matt were super leaders. I had a bike accident on the 2nd day. The 2 of them found a clinic for me and shop for my bike. They got cabs to get my bike to a shop for repairs, me to a clinic for stitches, the bike back to me, me to the campground, and let Tony (get him as a leader, great guy!) know what happened so he was there at the campground to help me set up my tent and got ice packs from the ranger. Nicole even looked over my x-rays with me and my doctor. I’d follow her on any future trip. I could not have completed the trip without everyone’s help. Matt and Nicole are such cheerful, can do people; it made the trip. And after a couple of days it was even fun!


Matt is a superbly skilled guy who brought humour, calm, and attention to detail to our experience.

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